Nursery Rooms


Baby Bears
(0 – 12 Months)

Baby bears room has a bright, soft, happy and relaxed atmosphere and is designed with our youngest members in mind. We are able to care for up to 5 babies, from the age of 12 weeks to 12 months, with a staff :child ratio of 1:3.

Your child’s learning starts at birth, we recognise this and build on it. Play is encouraged through the implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We encourage games and toys to develop muscle tone and hand eye co-ordination. Toys are easily accessible to be explored and experimented with, they encourage physical and intellectual skills.

Bouncy Bears
(12-24 months)

Bouncy Bears room has a bright, happy, and relaxed atmosphere. This room caters for up to 12 children aged 12 months to 24 months, with a staff :child ratio of 1: 3. Children in this room are just beginning to get up on their feet and are more inquisitive about their environment.

In the bouncy bears room fascination draws your child into all kinds of new activities. We let children experiment and self select resources to encourage curiosity and independence to satisfy individual needs. Discovering and handling books is important at this age, as your child’s concentration grows and vocabulary increases. An opportunity to look at pictures and words will encourage your child to copy voice modulation when they speak.

Busy Bears
(24 – 36 Months)

The Busy Bears Room caters for up to 14 children with a staff: child ratio of 1:4.When your child moves into the busy bears room, they are starting to learn about the world around them both at home and at nursery. This creates a greater understanding and independence.

Through personal experience and communication, your child will soon discover new skills. These skills are taught through the introduction of early science, numbers and colours, which appear everywhere in your child’s world and are essential in developing early maths.

Listening to stories in greater depth and participating in circle time now begin, this will develop your child’s language skills and social interaction. Cookery, music and movement are also favourites for this age group and encourages your child to grow in self- confidence.