Nursery & Kindergarten



The nursery originally opened in 1987, in 2013 it was taken over by a family partnership. The day nursery is set in the small village of Wall Heath. Originally the building was a little Victorian infant school built in 1906, so it has always housed small children in one way or another. The nursery caters for 31 children each day aged from 0 to 3 years. The nursery consists of three rooms;

Baby Bears room (0-12months),
Bouncy Bears room (12-24 months)
Busy Bears room (24-36 months)

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Our kindergarten is a small purpose built unit situated on the high acre estate next to the Dingle primary school. which caters for 24 children a day, aged from 2 to 5 years. When your child enrolls at the nursery, you will automatically be guaranteed a place at our kindergarten.

Kindergarten is of an open plan design inside with various areas that reflect the areas of learning and development within the Early Years Foundation Stage. Through the activities we provide and our day to day routine children will start preparing for school.

Both nursery and kindergarten aim to establish a homely environment for children by providing soft furnishings, carpets, and light and airy décor. A lot of time is spent creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere so the children and parents feel welcomed into our happy, caring and relaxed environments.

Upon starting nursery/kindergarten each child is assigned a key worker. A child’s key worker will help them settle into nursery life and ensure that their individual needs are met during the time which they are in our care. We aim to work with you as partners, and together we will support and extend your child’s learning and development.

Kindergarten Ofsted Report

Nursery & Kindergarten Prospectus

Our Menu

Both settings provide breakfast, lunch and high tea. At Nursery we have a cook on site who prepares lunch daily, kindergarten lunches are transported using a thermal box.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are served on a daily basis. Children are offered a mid morning snack and drink, fruit is also available with high tea. Kindergarten has an open café system available throughout the day, where children can go and pour themselves a drink of their choice.

Please find below an example of one of our menus:
Main Meal
High Tea
Fish Fingers, Mashed Potato& Peas
Angel Delight
Vegetable Bake
Fruity Teakcakes
Chicken Curry & Boiled Rice
Fresh Strawberries & Vanilla Ice-cream
Fish Pie & Beans
Cheese & Ham Crackers
Cheese & Potato Pie& Baked Beans
Chocolate Rice Krispie Cake
Chicken, Potatoes & Vegetables
Cheese Spread Bagels
Beefy Beef Hotpot& Mixed Vegetables
Peaches & Yoghurt
Cheesy Vegetable Bake
Jam On Toast
Sausage Casserole, Potatoes & Broccolli
Cherry Fairy Cake
Mince Beef & Vegetables ​
Turkey & Ham sandwiches