Welcome to Village Bears

Let us introduce ourselves, we are a family owned business based in Kingswinford/ Wallheath area.

We aim to provide high quality childcare for children aged from 12 weeks to 11 years within a friendly and fun atmosphere across our 4 settings. Choosing the right childcare setting is one of the most important decisions for every parent to make for their child’s well being and education. We are committed to working with you as partners to ensure your child’s time with us is happy, enjoyable and productive, and that they will remember it fondly.

Nursery & Kindergarten

Both nursery and kindergarten aim to establish a homely environment for children by providing soft furnishings, carpets, and light and airy décor. A lot of time is spent creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere so the children and parents feel welcomed into our happy, caring and relaxed environments.


School & Holiday Club

Our school club is based at our Day Nursery in Wallheath and provides before and after school care for children.

Our holiday club is based at Wallheath Community Centre, and is open throughout school holidays for school aged children.